Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mini Collective Haul

Hey everyone! :D

So...Today was the last day of the Spring 2011 semester! I have 1 final on Wednesday, and then I am done for the summer!

...Well, that is, until July. I'm taking a few classes to lighten my class load for the Fall.
But I'm so excited, because I'm halfway through my senior year! I can't believe it...I GRADUATE THIS DECEMBER! *happy dance*

I know almost everyone is shocked when they find out I'm not in high school, so it comes as even more of a shock when people find out that I'm only 20 AND a senior in college.

But anyway! I just wanted to post a few pictures of my Easter weekend, as well as a mini collective haul.

Let's get started! :D

I've always wanted to try the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips/stickers/whatever the heck they are. A friend of mine swears by them! So I wanted to give them a shot! Warning: DO NOT BUY THEM AT CVS! They are ridiculously expensive (I paid $9.95 for mine) there, and you can get them MUCH cheaper at Wal-Mart (if you can find the style you want) or even your local grocery store.

Sorry this picture is sideways. But you get the point! It is the Physician's Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum.
 The reason I'm so excited about this product is because of the super thin tip this liner has! I don't really buy into the lash serum hype, and even though my lashes are short and stubby, I can deal. But I'm a fan of SUPER thin liners, and after I saw Fuzkittie use this in one of her videos, I really wanted to try it!
I bought it at Ulta...And once again...DO NOT BUY THERE! Buy it at Wal-mart, where it is guaranteed to be MUCH cheaper.

 I've heard a little bit about this product via one of my favorite beauty bloggers, Steph. She said that she loved how sleek and shiny this made her hair look...And since my hair has been kind of dull lately, I wanted to give this a try. Bought this at Ulta for $14.50ish...Kinda expensive for such a small amount. Might return if it does not give me dramatic results... :(

 I'm VERY excited about this one! This is the Sally Hansen HD Nail polish in Opulent Cloud. It was a limited edition color, and I got it for $3.25 since CVS was trying to clear out their stock. The pictures don't do the color justice. It really is very unique.

And while I'm on the subject, here is the manicure I rocked this week. Please excuse the huge chip on my middle finger.
Opulent Cloud and black Konad polish with design.

 I decided to get Essie's Van D'Go since I was really hankering for a Springy peachy pink color. 
Essie Van D'Go...please excuse the nasty hangnails!

My new current Facebook Profile pic
 And here are 2 obligatory cam whore pictures of myself. My skin was really freaking out this month, but I decided to go out on a limb and try olive oil to keep it moisturized! It really did help with the clarity and tone of my skin! I recommend trying it if your skin is ever in a rut. Even if you are acne-prone and oily like me! :D

 These next few pictures are of Spring Love. It was basically a huge rave...And to be honest, I didn't enjoy myself at all :( It just isn't my scene, and I don't appreciate being asked if I sell drugs every five seconds. And...just like I told my friends, there were too many two-dollar hookers around for my liking.
So enjoy these pictures! :P
Two dollar hooker with light-up hoola hoop. Made for a very cool picture.
Attempted to dance on the main dance floor area...

Meet Eric, my brother. See the resemblance? ...Didn't think so.

 My mom and my stepdad go tandem bike riding about every weekend...And they're pretty serious about it. They'll go as far as 30 miles in a day!!!! Isn't that crazy?
So my brother and I decided to give it a shot! It was really REALLY hard!!! And we almost fell several times! And I got a huge bruise on my leg when my brother decided to kick back the foot pedals, which then dug into the back of one of my knees....*rubs bruises*

Harder than it looks
And away we go!

Okay, so that was a my easter weekend. 

Today, I hauled a few more things! <___< I'm bad. I know.

Essie Sand Tropez (Will swatch as soon as I try it for the first time)

This pretty coral number caught my eye. It looks new--I haven't seen it before, and had a few tutorial ideas...So I got it. 

Decided to try this one too. Fifth Avenue Fuscia.

Soo that's it for my first makeup-related post on the blog! Hope you guys enjoyed. Stay tuned for more! As soon as I get my last final out of the way, I'll be free for the summer! :D Can't wait.

Plus, I've been bringing my camera with me everywhere I go lately. So if I ever see something I want to capture, I can now! I simply can't wait. :P

Please tell me how I did for my first post! Criticism, praise, requests, questions, anything!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day! <3


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