Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Weekend in Dallas

Hi everyone! I know its been a bit since I've blogged last, but that's because i didn't have anything to show you guys!

So here's a new post for you :P

My boyfriend and I went to Dallas for the weekend. We had SO much fun! Here are some pictures I took with my new camera.

 Downtown Dallas is really pretty, especially at night!

In-N-Out Burger
2800 Preston Road, Frisco, TX
Our first food stop was In-N-Out Burger. I saw on my facebook newsfeed that a friend of mine had gone to In-N-Out, and I got SOOO jealous! And then I read that there were 2 new locations open in Dallas! Well...Frisco. lol.

 Their milkshakes are SO thick, the straw was useless!!!
 Perci got a Double-Double, and I got the regular cheeseburger.

We basically inhaled everything, and decided to get one more Double-Double to share. :P Although since I had 75% of the milkshake and fries (beside my own burger), I got full after the second bite!

 Also, I had no idea that Dallas has a rail system! And a bus transit system! So cool! If I knew how to navigate my way around in them, I'd totally take the railway instead of being stuck in traffic for hours and hours like we did -_____-;

We also visited the North Park Mall, but I didn't take any pictures at that mall. ^^; But it was soooo nice! They had EVERY designer store I could think of!

Anyway, the next stop was the A-Kon, one of the largest anime conventions in Texas. My friends and I were going to go dressed as Sailor Scouts (anyone remember these?), but I had no way of making the costume (and if I wanted to stay with them, it would have costed me almost 200 dollars!!!), so I had to back out of dressing up and staying with them :(

But at any rate, Perci and I wanted to come visit anyway to see them and to visit all of our food destinations, so we came anyway. :P

 Perci demanded that he get a picture with Master Roshi...but Master Roshi said he'd only take a picture with Perci if he could get a picture with me. -___-;
Maybe its just me, but I feel like I look extra plump in this picture :P Maybe its all the sodium and fat from In-N-Out? Hee hee.

On the first day of the convention, I met Phi!!! :D (Photo stolen from her blog here, because she was wearing this Rilakuma outfit when I met her. Where can I get one of these?! :P ) And she's just as pretty and soft-spoken in person as she is on her blog and YouTube!

Thank you for talking to me, Phi! :P We should have taken pictures together! And sorry if I'm a total fangirl. Hope I didn't freak you out!

On Saturday, Perci and I went to H-Mart, and ate like piggies!
We ordered these meat buns first, which came with a REEEAALLLY good jalapeno soy sauce mixture and some radish (I don't like the radish unless it is in kimbap). I'm definitely going to have to try to make that jalapeno soy sauce at home though.
I ordered a Char Siu ramen...and to be honest, the meat and the broth tasted sooooo good...but the whole package wasn't really all that great. I like Pho much better than I liked this ramen.

The side dishes (panchans) that came with our meals were these: 2 meatballs, 2 battered fish cakes, and kimchee. The kimchee was really good, but the other 2 sides I could do without. 
Perci ordered the curry rice, because he was craving it I guess? It was good, but could definitely be replicated at home.
We also got a crap ton of groceries and some pastry deserts from Tous Les Jous, but I didn't take any pictures of them.

After H-Mart, we met up with my friends again.
they weren't in costume on Friday, but they were on Saturday.

Here are my buddies teaming up to remove those ridiculously tall boots. They were 7 inches tall I think?!?!
I won't post up all of the pictures here, because I'm not sure how they'd feel about that yet. =/ But here's a teaser! Aren't they so cute??? Ugh now if only I could find a way to get my costume made...I'll have to talk to my mom lol!

 After my friends and I parted ways on Saturday, Perci and I hung out around the downtown area and snapped a few pictures at the convention venue. Everything was really really pretty there, but we had a really hard time keeping those creepy anime people from finding their way in the frame. :P

You can even see some of them strolling along across the street! But these were the more normal-dressed people.
This is my favorite picture from the set we took. And while I'm at it:
Shirt: Aerie by American Eagle (plain white v-neck)
Shorts: American Eagle (distressed light wash denim)
Scarf: Express
Shoes: from Target
Jewelry: Jade bracelet with pandas (made myself forever ago),
Fake(?) Jade cuff was gifted by my mother,
Michael Kors Midsize Rose Gold Watch,
Earrings were simple topaz-colored studs from American Eagle.

Oh, and that's second-day hair! Not bad, considering my hair always dies just after day 1!

I'm making the most awkward face in this picture, and the pose sucks. But I loooove how hazy it looks, and how vibrant green the trees are.

Anyway, that's all of the pictures from my trip!
I made a video for YouTube that I'm in the process of importing and editing. :)

Thanks for reading!

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piinkstrawberii said...

OMG LOL! old pictureee hahaha but i am so glad u had fun! love all the pics! wish i could of hung out with u!!!!! u are so so so so so sweet haha i linked u to my new post hope u get more readers!

i am also going to afest u should come and ill take u out! or i might go to austin haha lots of friends over your way!

omg in and out burger wasnt good for me LOL
ttyl girl!