Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Thoughts While a New Video is Uploading!

Hello hello...

I've been meaning to blog on a daily basis, but that hasn't been happening because I've been plain lazy. -___-
I also started working again, which is both a blessing and a curse.

The only reason I decided to stay and not quit was because over the past 2.5 years, I met so many friends who I really care about...But the reason I really wanted to quit was because of many instances of work drama, and one person who had made a few months of my life very miserable. 
I won't go into detail, but sometimes, it is SO nice to vent and let it all out...

Which is what I did with my friend Marisa! We hung out for HOURS, ate cookies, and decided to make a video! But this video was meant to happen for almost a year now, and it finally came to fruition due to some unfortunate circumstances that gave us a desperate need for a girl's night. lolol Sounds so serious, huh? But at any rate, I'm so happy this video (and girl's night) finally happened!

Also, I've started a new Korean Drama called Mary Stayed Out All Night, or 매리는 외박중...
And to be honest, I don't like it!

I really HATE love triangles...I have no idea why...I think because I always feel sorry for the "other guy..." I don't know.

They just frustrate me!

I finished episode 9 (of 16), and I don't think I want to watch anymore. So I think I'm just going to read the synopses (plural for synopsis?) for the rest of the series and tell my friend Jessica no to recommend anymore love triangle story lines!!! D:< lol!

But I absolutely love the main character's hair...It is so curly and she always has it in the cutest braided/curly styles!

It is already 12:35am here, and I really need to sleep early, because I want to cook 떡국 (dduk gook = rice cake soup)....So I should probably cut this post short. v____v

I will try to be more diligent in blogging in the future, even if nobody reads it. At least for my own peace of mind, I'll do my best! ><

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piinkstrawberii said...

hahahha omggg i love mary stayed out all night and i hate the triangle stuff too! you should go to the one near u! and shop for cute stuff boo! experience it haha