Monday, July 18, 2011

Stressed (as per usual)

Hi hi everyone.

I'm blogging from the Barnes and Noble at my local mall today with my new favorite drink, Grande Matcha Latte, in hand.
I needed it because today is hectic.

Class from 7:45am-10:45am

Lunch Break 10:34-1:20pm

Work 1:30pm-5:30pm
Possible work call-in 5:30pm-7:00pm

Class from 8:00pm-9:55pm

Drive home takes 15 minutes...

Then I have a homework assignment due at 12am.
Then sleep...until 6am tomorrow morning.

Then I have an exam tomorrow and the next day. A homework assignment due tomorrow.
Two chapters to read by Wednesday.
Who knows how many by tomorrow?
It is only 1:09pm, but I feel so worn out already.

I also just found out by my cousin in Ohio that the the last of my four cats is dying.
Very complicated story, but to summarize: My family had 4 cats and a dog and lived in Arizona. Then my dad & brother moved to Ohio and took the pets with them, Mom and I moved to Texas. Brother moved to Texas to be with me. One cat ran away, dog killed one cat, one cat disappeared after a burglary, and the last cat is sick. :(
Before Angel came into my life, I was always a cat person since before I could even speak! (I'll have to show off my baby pictures someday.)
It is heartbreaking, but the worst part is this: I don't know how to break the news to my brother. Tiger is HIS cat. :( So depressing.

I'm trying to keep in good spirits, because i have a 5 (maybe more) hour shift of work ahead of me in...10 minutes.

So I guess I should go.
I was supposed to be doing homework right now, but for some reason, B&N's shoddy internet won't let me log onto the finance lab website I need (all homework is online because professor and TAs are too busy [read: lazy] to grade)...

I'll be back with some substantial blogging material sometime. But for now, I felt like I should just vent a little and get some frustration out there.


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